Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Rinse 250ml


Quench your hair’s thirst with Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Rinse 250ml. It’s a deeply moisturizing rinse that strengthens and protects your hair while providing a luxurious spa treatment.

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Revive your hair with the Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Rinse 250ml. This deeply moisturizing rinse is designed to provide an essential moisture boost to nourish dry, parched locks. It transforms the look and feel of split ends. Full of antioxidant goodness, HYDRATE-ME.RINSE leaves the hair with a nourished, healthy-looking glow.

The Hydrate.Me Rinse is not just about style; it’s also about substance. It’s sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, ensuring you’re using a product that’s kind to your hair and the environment. Plus, it’s ideal for naturally dry hair or for hair that’s been exposed to harsh, dry climates.

To use, simply apply to freshly washed hair and allow the hair to absorb the benefits for 1-2 minutes, follow with a refreshing rinse. For optimal results, use after washing with HYDRATE-ME.WASH, and as part of our HYDRATE regiment.


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